Eypee Kaamiño

Cinematographer // Filmmaker // DOP

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  • ADIDAS // Commercial

  • Mixology Bar Awards 2019 // Event

  • #shutupandplay // Event

  • Coralie // Short Doc

  • Léon Radegonde // Short Doc

  • A Day with Katy Perry // Event

  • Mesut & Sandra // Wedding

  • The Founder's Grove // Tourism

  • Pediatric Pathways // Commercial

- From the blog -

  • How to Travel the Kingdom of Zanskar

    In Summer 2018, I shot a documentary in Zanskar and got to see most of the countries hidden gems. I want to share this experience with you guys, as it…

  • 3 Days in the Amazon Jungle

    https://youtu.be/uPQjtg_eq_4The Manú National Park is a part of the Amazon Jungle that is located near Cusco and Madre de Dios river in Peru. “Near” is relatively optimistic because the drive…

  • How to Shoot Video in Snow

    https://youtu.be/vpQzGg5fo24 Bring good ND Filters As everything will be super bright, and the snow reflects the sun lights in all directions, you will want to get some good ND Filters….

  • Spending a 20 hour layover in Abu Dhabi

    https://youtu.be/qNZ-LIZfKM0 When booking my flight to the Seychelles, I went for a 20 hour layover in Abu Dhabi instead of 3 hours. I was so excited to explore the city…

  • - About Me -

    Hi, my name is Eypee Kaamiño. I’m a cinematographer who shoots short films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. Residing in Berlin, Germany. I’d be more than happy to chat about working with you on your upcoming project.

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+49 151 72202759 // eypeekaamino@gmail.com // Let's talk about your project!