In this portrait documentary, I meet up with famous unconventional artist Léon in Seychelles where he talks about his art and how he creates them. He took part at the Venice Biennale in 2015. My role: Lead Camera, Edit, Grade

In this portrait documentary I meet up with Coralie who produces fresh organic care products directly from the Seychelles forests. See the stunning landscape of Seychelles and her ideology of our sense of smell. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Dieter Menzel is a passionate lamp designer in Berlin. By traveling the world and finding new places to live, his inspiration for design was influenced by various cultures and people. In this documentary, he talks about his life, his passion, his struggles and explains how he left everything behind for his family and a golden laser. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

In this portrait documentary, we see what is really going on behind the stages of the Deutsche Oper in Berlin, Germany. Gerlinde is the head of production and we get plunged deep into her story and daily routine behind the scenes. Agency: I LIKE VISUALS, Production: Evolair, My role: Edit

In summer 2015, I did a documentary of 20 young artist from Ukraine and Germany. Driven by their passion of acting and singing, the group worked hard together sharing the same goal: To perform their final piece in Goleniów, Poland. All the music is composed and performed by the group.Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade, social media content producer

Roman has leukemia and needs to find a donor as soon as possible. To increase his chance to survive, we made him a free video to maximize exposure and encourage people to donate blood. The video was then used in the official campaign of DKMS and soon it was not only Roman we can save but also a lot of other leukemia patients. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade