A Day with Katy Perry
Client: Universal Music Group GmbH
I got to join Katy Perry on her promo tour in Berlin and film two meet & greets with fans. I also helped produced video content for the 5 largest German TV channels. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Client: Kiez 99
Kiez 99 is the perfect place to hang out and chill in summer. They have different street food stands, drinks, street shops, awesome entertainment programs and events and now even a barber and masseuse. We were asked to create content for their social media page and after several jobs, I think this one is the most representative. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

BeachBar Mitte
Client: BeachMitte GmbH
It’s hot, it’s summer, let’s party! BeachBar Mitte is the perfect location for team building events for companies, weddings, or just to have a great time. They have a lot of sandy volleyball fields, a huge climbing area, a beach bar, and various mini games. Agency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Rettet Roman
Client: DKMS
Roman has leukemia and needs to find a donor as soon as possible. To increase his chance to survive, we made him a free video to maximize exposure and encourage people to donate blood. The video was then used in the official campaign of DKMS and soon it was not only Roman we can save but also a lot of other leukemia patients. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Asia Pacific Weeks – China Experience
Client: Be Berlin
I got to do some social media content for the Asia Pacific Weeks in Berlin. Some awesome Chinese artists came to visit Berlin and I got to capture the amazing talents. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Contemporary Art QATAR Exhibition Berlin
Client: Qatar Museums
The Contemporary Art Qatar exhibited for a month in Berlin from Dec. 9th 2017 to January 3rd 2018. I had the honor to do the official event video for their social media. Click here for more info. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit Grade

adidas – Originals
Client: adidas
adidas opened a new originals store in Tauenziehenstr. Berlin. They hired some awesome young street artists to prmote the new store and i accompanied them through the urban city. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

adidas – Boost Your Run
Client: adidas
adidas had new products out and they did some training and workshops for employees. It was really fun, I learned a lot about shoes and their ergonomics, sports wear and we even went for a run around the city. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

adidas – Brand Ambassador Days
Client: adidas
This is another team building event full of trainings, workshops, urban runs and fun! We also visited the new flagship store 11teamsports in Charlottenburg. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Chinese Cultural Festival Berlin 2014
Every year there is a Chinese cultural festival in Berlin. They invite all kinds of Chinese artists to Berlin and I had the pleasure of filming these events. It’s very nice to be surrounded by talented people and being able to capture their art. This year it was musicians, artists, theatre groups and chinese ink workshops. My role: Camera, Edit

Chinese Cultural Festival Berlin 2015
Another year has passed and this is the 3rd year where Chinese artists can present their art in Berlin. It’s nice to see visitors, especially kids, being very interested in this culture. This year we had filmmakers, tea ceremonies, musicians, workshops on chinese objects, and the moon festival with fireworks. My role: Camera, Edit

Chinese Cultural Festival Berlin 2016
Yet another year of Chinese artist who present their talents in Berlin, Germany. This year the focus is on paintings, music,  young Chinese documentary filmmakers and awesome out-of-this-world acrobats and kung fu fighters. My role: Camera, Edit

This event was made by the Korean community in Berlin. With a lot of cultural food and drinks and musical artists and dances, the event was held in the famous Prince Charles club in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Co-organized by my friends from Son Kitchen. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade 

Asia Pacific Weeks – Recap 2015
Client: Be Berlin
The Asia-Pacific Weeks bring together European and Asian-Pacific markets, science and research. The topics were Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Startups and their innovations. Video agency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Health Week 2015
Client: Be Berlin
An event where the leading experts of the drug industry, bio technology and medical engineering come together. Video agency: I LIKE VISUALS. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Berlin MICE Summit 2016
Client: VisitBerlin
This summit is like a meeting of Berlin’s leading organisations to improve Berlin’s tourism. In small groups, they discussed different topics and worked on new solutions for the best tourism possible. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

KIEZ 99 – Ger vs. Ita
Client: Kiez 99
In this video I captured the real time emotions and experiences of a soccer match between Germany and Italy in the Soccer European Cup 2016. This game was one of the most exciting games in the cup! My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

MELA 2014
Client: MELA
This project was to do a recap of the huge agriculture trade fair somewhere in the fields of Germany. This was a funny project, because I learned so much about animals, fresh produce and got to meet a very large chicken. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

GIZ – Lab of Tomorrow 
Client: GIZ
Professional start ups come together to create strategies for a better world. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

Berlinale Opening Party
Client: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg
I finally got to be ON the carpet!! I got to interview celebs, actors, filmmakers and producers. The party with stars in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Berlin. My role: Camera, Sound, Edit, Grade

Around 350 participants were able to inform themselves and exchange views on current topics relating to the digitisation of administration and justice. Best part was the food in Arminius Halle and it took me only 5 minutes to go home 🙂 My role: Camera, Edit, Grade