Workshop in Manila, Philippines

When: February 10-14, 2020 (5 days)
Time: 1pm-5pm
Where: Pacific Place Condominium, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Cost: 2950 php per person
Capacity: 10-15 people

What you will learn:
All about the gear! gimbal vs glidecam vs handheld, which cameras, drones, action cams, weight, cost, which camera bags to use etc…
How to prepare! preproduction, contacts, transportation, accomodation, when to book a tour guide and when not.
How to Shoot! Which settings on the camera to use, when to use autofocus and how to stay mobile.
What to pack and how! Will your trip have more focus on traveling or filmmaking or both? How to smartly pack your bag without bringing too much gear that slows you down.
Postproduction! Everything about edit, color grading, music licensing, publishing onto social media, making money with stock footage and building up your portfolio


Eypee Kaamiño

is a travel videographer for documentary and tourism. He has started his own video agency in Berlin in 2014 and has been working for big clients as a creative producer until 2017. He transitioned to documentary work and has traveled to many countries creating viral tourism videos for social media. Having the experience of solo traveling, he executes his projects with a small team or a lot of times even alone. He is considered a master of his craft in light weight travel videography. 

  • Web Series Food Documentary “CHIFA”. A story about how the Chinese culture naturally integrated itself in Peru. This Chinese Peruvian food fusion is just one side of the fascinating story of the Tusan, Peruvians of Chinese descent.
  • Short Film Documentary “Mountains Don’t Meet”. A story about my dad who reconnects with the Tibetan monk who saved his life in the Himalayan mountains 40 years ago.
  • Views ranging between 500k to 1 Million per video clip on various tourism videos published on UNILAD Adventure and MUST DO TRAVELS and other travel agency sites. My viral tourism videos include places like Seychelles, Philippines, Amazon Jungle, Abu Dhabi, Bolivia, California etc… 
  • Founded my own video agency company in Berlin in 2014 and got to experience working with big clients as a creative producer.
  • Traveled to over 35 countries


When making videos, my focus lies on telling interesting stories of people and events going on around me while I travel. I learned that traveling light allows me to capture the moments more efficiently. Luckily the filming gear nowadays is becoming better and lighter year after year. I realised that so many filmmakers have a huge affinity towards film equipment and think they need expensive gear to finish their project. After working in the commercial business with very expensive film gear for a few years, I realised, that you don’t always need all that. 

This workshop is for beginners who just love to travel with their phones, gopro or mirrorless cameras and for semi-pros who are vloggers, have a bit of travel experience and want to step up their game in video creation for social media. 

Hope to meet many of you at the event!