Wedio Academy is an online masterclass plattform for filmmakers and photographers. It is a plattform of over 9000+ creators world wide and is also the fastest-growing European equipment rental community for filmmakers and photographers. As one of their first collaborators, I was one of their first instructors to launch a video about “How To Make A Music Video” on their Wedio Academy program.

How to Make a Short Documentary

How to Make a Music Video

Documentary films show real events and non-fiction. Are you interested in making a short documentary? Then this masterclass was made for you 🤩 What you will learn:

– A short documentary is 1-10 minutes but the duration is not the most important element. 
– Story is key – if you found a person with an interesting story, build the film around them.
– Even if you don’t have a script, listen to your talent and create a list of b-roll for your a-roll.
– In the pre-production phase, prepare your gear, organize the transportation, and scout the location.
– Your main interview is the most important piece of your footage and your main audio source.
– Why making as much B-roll as possible is going to help you during post-production. o… and more!

Are you perhaps starting out as a cinematographer? A great way to get into the industry is music video production! Learn how to get the best out of it with Eypee 🙈 Learn some of the best tips about music video production with Eypee 👉 

– Planning is important but allows for spontaneity on set. 
– Let your creativity flow on the day of a shoot.
– Use mood boards and scout the locations. 
– During location scouting watch out for lighting.
– Do not follow others – create your own rules.
– Shoot twice the speed to have a slo-mo shot with mouth still synced to the audio. 
– The visuals only support the audio in the music video. ..

more to find in the masterclass!

How To Light A Video

Different Types Of Music Videos

Lighting is very important for music videos. I’ll show you my methods for effective lighting techniques for low budget music videos shoots. This is the first episode of my Project Insights format, where I talk about how I executed my past and current projects. I will show you my creative decisions, which gear I chose and how I executed all of that while staying within the clients budget.

Interested in knowing more about music video production? Learn more about music video types and styles with Eypee 🚀 .. more to find in the masterclass!  About music video production What’s not to like about music video production? Creating music videos for artists is a fun, creative pursuit where no two days look the same. You get to meet cool new people, work with wild, different concepts, and if you make it in the industry, you can make good money too.