Eypee Kaamiño

Freelance Video Creator

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  • Showreel

  • Zebra Design // Ring Commercial

  • ADIDAS // Commercial

  • #shutupandplay // Event

  • Coralie // Short Doc

  • Léon Radegonde // Short Doc

  • A Day with Katy Perry // Event

  • Philippines 2019 // Tourism

  • Pediatric Pathways // Commercial

  • - About Me -

    Hi, my name is Eypee Kaamiño. Right now, I’m a videographer for documentary and tourism. My background is working in the music industry, where producing music and music videos was my main job. I soon founded a video company in Berlin and worked in the corporate world of start ups for a while. I then decided to become a freelancer to tackle more projects abroad. Feel free to get in touch with me, I'll be glad to talk about collaborations.

- From the blog -

  • Guimaras – The Secret Mango Island Less Traveled

    Guimaras is an island just 20 min by boat from the main city of Iloilo. The buying of the ticket, boarding and arrival has never been so easy. Everything is…

  • Australia Road Trip in 14 Days

    My cousin May and I basically left home without a plan and that was the best thing we could do. No accomodation appointments, no plans, just exploring whatever we find…

  • Bolivia – Uyuni Tour Experience

    We paid around 250€ per person for a 3 day trip. We only expected to see the empty white Uyuni lake but during the trip you get to see so…

  • Top 5 Best Trails In The Seychelles

    Hey guys, as we all know, Seychelles is known for having incredibly nice white sand beaches, rock formations that look like a CGI and just a very beautiful picturesque landscape….

- Love from my clients -

  • Eypee is a visionary. It was more than a pleasure to work with him. His experience, passion and detailed ideas combined with talent and a quick workflow led to an outstanding video that blew away our expectations.

    Daniel Zeuschner HGZ Helsa
  • I enjoyed working with Eypee because he delivers good results fast. After collaborating with him on a conference video, we have booked him again.

    Vincent Venus Das Progressive Zentrum e.V.
  • Eypee did an OUTSTANDING job of capturing the beauty of our work and the passion that we bring to it. I can't recommend this filmmaker enough! He is extremely professional, talented and QUICK!

    Elizabeth Belliveau Pediatric Pathways
  • Eypee is a genius filmmaker. It was a pleasure to work with him. He got my vision quickly and the result was outstanding and totally what I wanted. Very professional, fast and easy to work with. Looking forward to more projects!

    Ramina Puzicha Yoga & Pilates teacher
  • Eypee had a vision of capturing the mood of my music. He's a great team player to work with and the picture is simply stunning. His know-how and passion for filmmaking lifted my videos to another level.

    J-Abrego Music Producer & Artist
  • If you´re looking for a dedicated, professional filmmaker with a very quick workflow and love for details & artistic nuances - Eypee is your man!

    Jansen Folkers Professional Violinist
  • Eypee is a really experienced filmmaker. It's always a pleasure to work with him. He creates amazing drone shots.

    Jens Schiweck Filmmaker // DoP
  • It's always awesome to work with Eypee. In our joint projects we could support each other. Especially if someone has as much experience as he. I am looking forward to the next projects with you!

    Moritz Kluth Filmmaker

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+49 151 72202759 // hi@eypee.com // Let's talk about your project!