Agents - Short Film

Secret Agent Kristine wants to get rid of a guy and tries to use Marion to get the job done.
my Role: DoP, Edit, Grade
Kristine: Heidrun Pfeil
Marion: Milena Dorn

Knack - Short Film

Two brothers argue how to deal with the death of their aggressive father. One grew to be tough while the other is more understanding.
Written and directed by Luca Riedel.
My Role: DoP

Dream Off - 99 Fire Film Awards

We had 99 hours to make this video. 

A story of a guy immersed in his wildest dreams through Virtual Reality. He enjoys it up until the technology messes with his mind.

Director & SFX: Arseny Knaifel
Camera, Edit & VFX: Eypee Kaamiño
Actor: Garry Fischmann, Josefine Israel