Suits For Good // Crowdfunding Video

Photos by Aaron Grasse

Sergey Malov // Music Video

Photos by Florian Henniges

"CHIFA" // Documentary (Peru & Bolivia)

Photos by Arseny Knaifel

"The Monk Who Saved my Dad" // Documentary (Zanskar)

Photos by Arseny Knaifel

HGZ Helsa // Imagefilm

Photos by Daniel Zeuschner

Feichang Fresh // Musik Video (Sölden)

Photos by Martin Scharke

Knack // Short Film (Drama)

Photos by Šárka Le

adidas // Commercial

Photos by Viktor Schanz

J-Abrego // Music Video (Switzerland)

Photos by Giulessa Photography and me

DTAD // Corporate

Photos by Sarah Kirchner

Making of VIDEOS