Wedding - Nga & Jeong Han

This wedding was a special one. Another multicultural combination of Korean and Vietnamese families. Jeong Han is an old friend of mine from school and to see him get married was a very heart warming feeling. Nga is also a wonderful person who put so much effort into this wedding. I had an awesome time as I was being treated as a guest as well. I shot this wedding alone which made it very tough to get all the angles. But luckily I still managed and this video came out. Everyone was super happy and eventhough it was raining the whole day and I couldn’t fly my drone, I was quite happy with the result.

Wedding - Sandra & Mesut

I shot a one-of-a-kind wedding in Berlin where German and Turkish culture came together. Mesut and Sandra are both teachers and they met in Germany while sharing their passion of teaching younger kids. Mesut wanted his large Turkish family to meet Sandra’s family but also warned her of their overly passionate outgoing expression of joy. Sandra’s family was the more suttle, respectful type and everyone at the wedding were excited about the cultural differences and embrassed the different types of dances, culinary dishes and even started to learn each others languages. I feel so blessed to be part of this wedding where love unites cultures and destroys borders.

Wedding - Anna & Greg

Another multi-cultural wedding of my best friends parents. They are both professional musicians at the musical theatre in Berlin and that’s also where they met. Anna is from Russia and she migrated to Berlin to escape the hard life there, hoping to have a better life in Germany. Greg on the other hand is American who found his passion for playing any instrument that has strings and he moved to Berlin for work. Both being in their mid-forties and being together for almost more than a decade, didn’t really think much of getting married. But this turned out just to be another huge party with friends and family and they just made the party into a wedding. Because why not? I felt so happy for them, being able to see that love doesn’t always have to be fresh but it can becoming stronger through time, manifest in a stronger bond with more experience, ups and downs and a pure connecting core. Weddings also don’t always have to be placed in the beginning of your life, but can also be in the middle.