• Dinagyang Festival 2020 // Tourism Video

    Iloilo City, Philippines

    The Dinagyang Festival is one of the biggest and world-class festivals in the Philippines. It traces the history of devotion to Sr. Sto. Niño. The festival also commemorates the arrival of the Malay settlers and the legendary barter of Panay Island from the natives called Ati.

  • West Philippine Sea // Music Video

    Armand TJ

    A patriotic music video project dedicated to Filipinos around the world to stand together to protect the West Philippine Sea from the Chinese. My Role: DoP, Edit, VFX, Grade

  • Ramina Yoga


    I made a short intro for Ramina's YouTube channel. Check her out on instagram: @raminara_ My Role: Camera, Lights, Edit

  • Showreel

    A compilation of commercial, documentary, tourism and music video projects that I shot throughout the years.

  • Best of Philippines 2019 // Tourism Video

    Philippines Tourism Video

    This trip allowed me to finally explore the landscape of my own country and its hidden gems. My Role: Camera, Drone, Edit, Grade

  • Q-Edition // Ring Commercial

    Zebra Design

    A mood video commercial for the Q-Edition ring by Zebra Design. You can choose your own quote, your own design and own font on their website. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • HGZ Helsa // Commercial

    HGZ Helsa

    The most epic ironic portrait film I have ever done! My Role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Coralie // Portrait Documentary

    Yi-King Organic Care

    Coralie produces fresh organic care products directly from the Seychelles forests. See the stunning landscape of Seychelles and her ideology of our sense of smell. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • A Day with Katy Perry

    Universal Music GmbH

    I got to join Katy Perry on her promo tour in Berlin and film two meet & greets with fans. I also helped produced video content for the 5 largest German TV channels. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • ADIDAS Blue Blast // Commercial


    I got to be DoP for this short commercial promoting a soccer tricks battle in Berlin. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS My role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Gerlinde // Portrait Documentary

    Deutsche Oper Berlin

    Gerlinde thought she would never come back to Berlin after falling in love with the Deutsche Oper. She then ended up working at the Deutsche Oper since 1981. In this short documentary we get to see the lives of Opera singers, actors, artists and Gerlindes coordination skills. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS & Evolair; My role: Edit

  • Cornelsen // App Commercial

    Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

    A RUBE-GOLDBERG MACHINE! This is where each and every person that was involved was very hard-working and it took countless days and nights to pull off this masterpiece! Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS My role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Léon Radegonde // Portrait Documentary

    Léon is an unconventional artists from Seychelles. His unique style and authenticity has blown people's minds. He was invited by La Biennale de Venezia to present his work in front of an international audience. My role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • #shutupandplay

    KICKZ Never Not Ballin’ GmbH

    A 3-day basketball tournament sponsored by adidas and kickz! We did daily videos for their social media, same day deliveries and this is the recap video version. My role: camera and drone operator

  • #DIETERIZED // Portrait Documentary


    Dieter Menzel is a passionate lamp designer in Berlin. By traveling the world and finding new places to live, his inspiration for design was influenced by various cultures and people. In this documentary, he talks about his life, his passion, his struggles and explains how he left everything behind for his family and a golden laser. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • Feichang Fresh // Music Video

    Snow How China

    Feichang Fresh is back yet again. In 2019, the (still) hottest Laowai hip hop crew visits the snowy peaks of Tyrole, Austria to lay down some ice cold Mandarin rhymes. The Duke of Darkness is also back with his shiny saxophone!

  • #FFBB // Cultural Music Video

    Feichang Fresh

    Feichang Fresh is the only Chinese-German rap band in the world. I got to shoot the music video for the official song celebrating 20 years of partnership between Berlin and Beijing in 2014. A few months later, we got to join the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, to present the song in a couple of venues in Beijing. I asked my alter ego The Duke of Darkness if he would star in my video. He gave me a dark smirk and approved reluctantly. He later became a DJ in the band and became a fixed band member of Feichang Fresh. To see how he did, click here to see the making of. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, DoP

  • Die XYZ - Revolution // Music Video

    Die XYZ

    This is a music video I made using some prisms, mirrors, safety blankets and water jugs breaking the light. My role: DoP, Director, Edit and Grade

  • Service Partner One // Commercial

    Service Partner One GmbH

    Service Partner One is a successful start up that helps offices around the world deal with their needs for all kinds of office supplies. Click here to watch the making of. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Exit No 9 // Mood Video

    Exit No9 is a new Korean movement going on in Berlin. This shoot happened without a plan. We only had 4 locations in Berlin. A rooftop, Alexanderplatz, a parking lot and the subway. We improvised what exactly to film because urban shoots are usually unplanable. To watch the making of click here. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: DoP

  • TÜSN EPK // Promotional Video

    Universal Music GmbH

    TÜSN, signed by Universal Music, present their new album Schuld at a showcase in Berlin. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • Leinentausch // Commercial

    pets Premium GmbH

    In this video we combined real action footage with motion design to explain the business model of Leinentausch to the clients. Click here to see a short making of. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Hand Model, Camera, Edit, VFX, Grade

  • Kiez 99 // Event Video

    Kiez 99 Village Market Berlin

    Kiez 99 is the perfect place to hang out and chill in summer. They have different street food stands, drinks, street shops, awesome entertainment programs and events and now even a barber and masseuse. We were asked to create content for their social media page and after several jobs, I think this one is the most representative. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • Tschaikovsky vs. Brahms // Music Video

    Atrium String Quartet

    Tschaikovsky and Brahms have been rivals throughout their professional careers. They hated each other in the most respectful way and publicly showed their detest to one another. Tschaikovsky being the rather conservative type, disliked the modern and casual touch of Brahms. The Atrium Quartett had the honor to play both roles. So we used the greenscreen technique to do the over-the-shoulder-shots. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: DoP, Edit, Compositing, VFX, Grade

  • Home // Documentary

    wheels e.V.

    In summer 2015, I did a documentary of 20 young artist from Ukraine and Germany. Driven by their passion of acting and singing, the group worked hard together sharing the same goal: To perform their final piece in Goleniów, Poland. All the music is composed and performed by the group. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Animations, Grade, social media content producer

  • Rettet Roman // Documentary

    DKMS gemeinnützige GmbH

    Roman has leukemia and needs to find a donor as soon as possible. To increase his chance to survive, we made him a free video to maximize exposure and encourage people to donate blood. The video was then used in the official campaign of DKMS and soon it was not only Roman we can save but also a lot of other leukemia patients. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • My Postcard // Commercial

    MyPostcard GmbH

    My Postcard is an app where you can create your own postcard and send it to your friends in the most creative and easiest way. We had the opportunity to visit them behind the scenes. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Cringle // Commercial

    Cringle GmbH

    Cringle was our first video for an app. The start up gave us the opportunity to practice more corporate films. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Weisse Rose // Image Film

    Kulturzentrum DIE WEISSE ROSE

    The Weiße Rose gives young musicians the opportunity to rehearse, perform and just be creative. For years, it's become one of the most popular go-to places for youngsters in West Berlin. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • All I Want For Christmas // Music Video

    Shannon Callahan & The Blackbird

    Everyone needs a Christmas Music Video :) Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: DoP, Edit, Grade

  • Berlinale Empfang 2017 // Event Video

    Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

    Yes, I got to be ON the red carpet with the celebrities. This is a recap event video of the Berlinale Party in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin. Videoagency: I LIKE VISUALS. My Role: Camera, Edit, Grade

  • Counting Stars (One Republic cover) // Music Video

    feat. Kilian Peters

    A cover of Counting Stars by One Republic by Kilian and myself. My Role: Music Production, DoP, Edit, Grade