Hi, I’m Eypee

Hi, my name is Eypee Kaamiño. I’m a documentary filmmaker and world traveler. I travel, write blogs and make travel guide videos during my journey. I’m based in Berlin, Germany and San Jose, California. Feel free to get in touch with me, I’ll be glad to talk about collaborations.

(+49) 151 72202759

Professional Bio

Videography has always been something that I was interested in. As soon as YouTube started its way in the video era, I began filming myself covering some songs with a guitar for the public. That was basically my first contact with a camera in 2004 and I was 16. and I used a webcam…

Soon, I got my first DSLR for my birthday and started doing some tour videos for my own band. Basically just quick and dirty work, but I got to practice the basics of a DSLR. I began filming music videos for other bands and soon decided to expand my work. I then started my own video production company with 3 other friends and we started doing more and more videos for local start ups, brands and then soon for bigger, well-known companies.  My role was to organize the crew, plan the shots, rent the right gear and all that by staying within the client’s budget. I got a good glimpse into the commercial video business and soon decided to move on and travel the world to create short documentaries and tourism videos.

On my journey as a filmmaker, I met a lot of talented creatives like me and love to share my travel experience with my audience. Now I film tourism videos, real estate, and share some travel guides on YouTube and Facebook to help people on how to travel the places I’ve been to.