Get Your Guide meets Berlin Food Stories

Check out my video I did for Get Your Guide and Berlin Food Stories: My buddy Per Meurling, creator of Berlin Food Stories, curated a personal tour for Get Your Guide that introduces the best turkish culinary dishes all over Berlin. In the video you can see his patreon supporters having a blast at the tour approved by Get Your Guide. 

Get Your Guide meets My Name Is Andong

CHIFA - a web series about Chinese Peruvian cuisine

A documentary film about Peru’s thriving Chinese community, the roots of which go back over 150 years. The tastiest migration story ever told.

CHIFA is a web series created by Andong and myself. We filmed different Chifa restaurant owners, Tusan, artists, professors and youtubers and local families all around Peru to tell the story of how Chinese culture and cuisine integrated in Peru. A tale about history, yummy food and indigenous ingredients.

Collaboration with My Name Is Andong & Curiosity Stream


After the large success of CHIFA, Andong and I made our way to Ladakh in northern India to explore the world of momos, thukpa, butter tea and skyu. We hiked though the Himalayan mountains, visited the Kingdom of Zanskar and ended up in one of the most remote places in the world. We visited countless monasteries, got invited for lunch by local monks and nuns in the tiny villages, slept at our guides private house and met his whole family who treated us with the best food Ladakh can offer.

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Son Kitchen is the most iconic Korean fusion street food place in Berlin. I produce all their youtube videos and create their online video content for instagram and facebook.

SON KITCHEN on instagram ->

Shot by me in Berlin.

Shot by me in Singapore.

Shot by me in Hainan, China.

Shot by me in Peru.

Nominated as “Best Newcomer” in the Golden Camera Awards 2019, Andong surely is a unique Foodtuber who focuses on bringing together different cultures through the lens of food. Every once in a while I helped produce videos for Andong’s youtube channel Since August 2020 I’m shooting and editing all the content for Andong’s Youtube Channel. As we are sharing our office / Youtube Studio together, it’s very convenient to shoot and brainstorm new ideas. The videos are mostly same day edits which is really good for me to move on to the next project quickly.

MyNameIsAndong on YouTube -> 


KIEZ 99 in Friedrichshain, Berlin needed some short video clips to promote their food stalls. I got hired to help them out and I produced 15 second videos that would be played on their instagram account and screens on the field.