Top 5 Best Trails In The Seychelles

Hey guys, as we all know, Seychelles is known for having incredibly nice white sand beaches, rock formations that look like a CGI and just a very beautiful picturesque landscape. Seychelles is also home to endemic flora and fauna, so you can see animals and plants only unique to this place.
I know there are many more trails in the Seychelles, but these 5 were my all time favourites. Some are hiking trails, some are just a nice walk, some are hard, some are easy. I hope you find the right one for you.

Anse Major Trail

This trail is just a few minutes away from Beau Vallon Beach, in the north-western part of Mahe. At the end of the road you will see a small sign showing you the trail going west to Anse Major. Anse Major is a hidden beach cove that you can only access via this trail. Unless you have a boat, then you can just drive to whichever beach cove you want.
this trail is not too hard at all but you’ll need good hiking shoes. It’s quite rocky and you walk in the open with the fresh sea breeze blowing off the mountain side. The open view to the ocean kept our spirits up and we hiked around 45 min until we got to the platform that had an awesome view on the Anse Major

Distance: 2km
Duration: 40min

Copolia Trail

This hiking trail is a bit steep and can get quite tiring. The vegetation of this trail is amazing and you can find endemic plants and trees. Like for example the carnivorous pitcher plant or the “walking” trees that have long thin roots protruding out of the ground. Unlike the Anse Major trail, you will hike in the deep forest here going in between trees and over rocks. you hike for around an hour and lay back 1.4km and up there on the summit, you will be greeted with an astonishing view of Eden Island and St. Anne Marine National Park.

Distance: 1.6km
Duration: 45min

Vallee de Mai

The Vallee de Mai is not a hiking trail but rather a nature reserve that is full of trails and on UNESCOs world heritage list. The entrance fee costs 350 Rupies which is around 25 USD. You will be part of a group with a tour guide who will bring you into the deep forest of the reserve . Here you can find the infamous Coco de Mer, take pictures with it, learn about the whole history and its evolution to becoming the most precious item in ancient times.
At some point the tour guide will leave you alone and you can wander the trails by yourself at your own pace. Going through this maze of unique trees and plants, we found a bunch of cute endemic animals.

Distance: 1-2km
Duration: 1-2h

Tea Leaf Trail

The Tea Leaf Trail is a small trail around the tea leaf plantation in Mahe. It’s called the Tea Tavern Nature Walk. This trail is perfect for beginners cause it’s  not really hiking but just a short walk around the tea leaf area. When I was here, I was so lucky to experience the epic cloud that totally swallowed the whole area. These are one of my favourite shots I did in the Seychelles.

Distance: around 500m
Duration: around 20min

Morne Blanc Trail

When you leave the tea plantation, you can just walk up the road and in 5 min you will find the starting point to the Morne Blanc Trail. This trail is Jurassic Park. It will throw you back into ancient times. The flora here is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. The higher you go, the more moist the forest becomes with moss covering the rocks and trees. The trail is only 1km but it’s still challenging and quite steep at some points. I was here when it rained and I had the best experience ever! There was no view at all, but the experience in this endemic cloud forest was unforgettable.

Distance: 3.2km
Duration: 40min


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